When Will Weddings Return? An Update.

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At Grafton Manor we are mindful of the safety for all of our couples and their guests in the lead up to the return of weddings, and we won’t be resuming our practice until we are confident we can provide a safe venue and smooth running of your special day. The Coronavirus pandemic is starting to decline rapidly in the UK, with containment of the virus imminent, meaning that lockdown is being loosened more and more every week.

One thing we are certain of, is the unpredictable nature of this pandemic, and there is unlikely to be much clarity for the future, until we return fully to our everyday lives that we were living before COVID 19 took hold. A second wave is one of the biggest concerns that the country is facing and minimising those chances is a priority collectively.

Wedding plans have been postponed, cancelled and ruined for many couples across the UK, but it looks like there could be light at the end of the tunnel with the government putting focus on the fact that they are looking for ways to make weddings possible sooner rather than later.

Currently, as of the 15th of June, lockdown was eased further to reintroduce non-essential business, and small funerals have been permitted across the Church of England. There is further guidance to suggest that pubs and other parts of the hospitality sector will be allowed to reopen with the social distancing conditions top priority, on July 4th. We expect to hear from the Prime Minister a few days before this date, and expect to get further clarity on weddings and whether we will be able to offer dates back to our customers.

According to Chronicle Live, weddings including the presence restriction of only 10 people, will begin to take place from July and it is thought that the Prime Minister is likely to unveil these plans within the next week.

As always at Grafton Manor, we will keep our couples updated, as and when we know what we can do moving forward.