Wedding Trends For 2020

Date posted: 02 Jan 2020

From floral clouds to long banquet tables, the trends that will have you feeling inspired for your impending wedding.

Happy New Year!

If you’re planning your special day for 2020, we have all the latest wedding trends we expect to take off this year! From floral clouds to long banquet tables, the trends that will have you feeling inspired for your impending wedding.


Sustainability is more than a trend, it is a lifestyle that everybody should be paying attention to. More and more people are choosing to be more environmentally conscious in 2020, so we expect to see a huge surge in sustainable wedding dress options. In fact, the whole wedding will see a more sustainable viewpoint, with couples making the conscious decision to reduce plastic use, opting for local florists offering seasonal flowers, as well as many other more environmentally friendly choices.


Roses are set to be THE flower for your floral arrangement at your wedding in 2020. With statement bouquets featuring just one singular colour taking president for the style and colour of the arrangement. Incorporating the rose theme throughout your wedding will add a unique personal touch from button holes, to the floral arrangements on your tables, roses are a key trend that can be woven into every aspect of your big day.


Millenials are getting married, and with millenials comes a surge of social media attention that will continue to reign as a strong trend in 2020. Impressive stately homes like Grafton Manor, and grand alternative venues will be the setting for many weddings in 2020 thanks to their aesthetically pleasing and Instagram worthy beauty.

Museums, botanical gardens, beautiful mansions and orangeries are the perfect and most desired backdrop for any Instagram loving millenial couple.


Self serve bars are making their way into weddings and set to make a huge impact in 2020. With beer taps and 70’s style pop up cocktail bars taking centre stage, offering a more casual setting for your guests. Expect bath tubs full of iced champagne bottles and wheelbarrows filled with bottles of beer.

Although it may seem like an expensive feature, making your own beer tap is actually much easier than it looks and can be extremely cost effective in the long run.


Sit down meals have been phasing out slightly over the last year, with many couples opting for food truck style wedding food with an array of options to suit everybody. From crepes to tacos, the possibilities are endless when it comes to designing a wedding breakfast that is unique, casual and able to cater for all.

This is a really easy way to ensure that those with specific dietary requirements, as well as vegans and vegetarians can be catered for with little fuss and more interesting options for them to eat.


Tying in with the casual food and drink trends that are expected to be extremely popular in 2020, banquet tables that offer your family and friends the option to sit where they like, moving around as they please is a favoured option to a stricter table plan.

At Grafton Manor, whatever your wedding preferences, our wedding planning team can help you to achieve the wedding of your dreams with us, whether you go with the trend or not. We have a great network with suppliers and external services that you might want to use on your big day, with our wedding planners able to confidently advise you on the best options.



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