Wedding Postponed Or Cancelled – What Now?

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It is every bride and grooms worst nightmare, and whilst cancellations are extremely rare, for at least the Summer of 2020, no wedding ceremonies will be taking place, leaving thousands of couples disappointed and distressed. The unforeseeable event of a global pandemic has seen the government enforce several limitations to the way we live our lives over the next few months, including a ban on all weddings.

The event of postponement or even cancellation of your wedding can be very difficult to accept, especially if you were just weeks away from your wedding, however, the safety of you, your family and friends is the most important thing right now.

So, if your wedding has been postponed or cancelled, what now? We have a few tips on what you need to do now…

Wedding Insurance

If you don’t already have wedding insurance, it would be a good place to start now the ban of weddings has come into force. If your wedding hasn’t already been cancelled, it would be an idea to take out some insurance to cover yourself for potential losses of elements to your wedding, due to the ongoing developments of the pandemic.

There are many types and levels of wedding insurance, and not all insurances will cover overall cancellations so it is important to do your research and take a closer look at what parts of your wedding are the most important parts to cover.

Read The Small Print

Reading all the small print in all the contractual agreements you have made in the planning of your wedding so far to know where exactly you stand with your suppliers and your venue is essential. If you are still working on finding suppliers for your wedding it is imperative that you know exactly what you’re signing up for, making sure you are covered should you need to postpone in the immediate future.

Every Other Couple Is In The Same Boat

Something that is important to remember when you’re struggling to come to terms with the likelihood that your wedding will be postponed or cancelled, is that every other couple due to get married are in the exact same boat. You can find comfort in friends or social media, where people have been expressing their thoughts about having their weddings moved or cancelled as well. You are not alone, and although you could have been planning for 1, 3, or even 5 years for this big day, the importance of your health and safety must come first.

There are many wedding groups on social media where you can find many other couples in the same situation, and sharing their experiences. You may find this comforting and find some inspiration in hearing other people’s experience with the pandemic affecting their wedding.