Top Tips For An Outdoor Wedding

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Outdoor weddings have become the go to in 2020 after the global pandemic wiped out the wedding plans of thousands of couples all over the UK. Outdoor weddings have been a popular option to accommodate the guidelines the government have set out for safe social distancing and slowing the spread of Coronavirus. We are sharing our top tips for planning an outdoor wedding.

The Right Venue

There are so many spaces that you can host a wedding and reception these days, from stately home gardens to city parks, outdoor weddings have more diversity than ever and there really is something for everyone. Deciding which outdoor setting is going to be best for you completely depends on your theme, number of guests and details you would like to include. For example, if you want to host an outdoor wedding with a marquee, you will need to find a space that will facilitate that.

Considering The Time Of Year

Outdoor weddings are obviously much more popular in the late spring and summer months, but if you are looking to have an outdoor wedding outside of those months, it is important to take into consideration the unpredictable British weather.

If you still choose the outdoors rain or shine, it is important to ensure your guests are offered shelter from the rain should it decide to pour down on your big day.

Your Budget

As with any wedding, ensuring your budget is right and able to facilitate your wedding plans is essential and this is no exception for outdoor weddings. The logistics of an outdoor weddings are usually slightly more strict than indoors, as you have to consider your surroundings so much more according to the weather. As much as we would all love to have a wedding day that is nailed on for a 28 degrees day with clear skies, it isn’t something we can control, and that is why you should be over prepared for the worst case scenario. These additional precautionary measures on weather dependency will need to be included in your budget.

Food & Drink

If you are dreaming of a four course sit down meal for your big day, you would probably better suited to an indoor wedding, however there are so many options for outdoor weddings and Al Fresco dining is becoming much more popular. Food trucks, BBQs and buffet options are popular with outdoor weddings and can usually be less expensive than a sit down meal. Allowing your guests to eat at their leisure will also allow the atmosphere to flow better for outdoor wedding experiences.