Three Wedding Trends We Expect To See In 2021

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With the wedding hell of 2020 soon to be a bad memory, and time for 2021 to step up into the wedding spotlight, it’s time to think about what trends will make the weddings of tomorrow. Many people are planning weddings for 2021 that should have taken place this year, but the pandemic had other ideas. If the impending vaccine does it’s promised job, weddings could be well and truly back on the table from as early as January 2021, so what are the three weddings we expect to see in 2021?


Unless you have been living under a rock, you will know that the global pandemic has crushed the wedding plans of millions of couples all over the UK and the world. After setback after setback and the return of lockdown for the second time this year, many couples are fed up and choosing to elope, leaving behind their original big wedding day plans.

It has been a stressful year for every bride and groom to be, and you wouldn’t be human if you were thinking about chucking it all in and eloping on a hot beach – we don’t blame you! We expect to see many couples to throw the towel in on waiting for the UK to recover the pandemic, and booking the first flight out in 2021.


Again, with many venues closing their doors during Coronavirus restrictions, the great outdoors is becoming more and more appealing to couples planning to wed in the new year. Usually outdoor weddings are only really seen in the summer when the weather is more reliable, but thanks to the pandemic, we expect outdoor weddings all year round, and couples getting creative in the way they protect their guests from the unpredictable great British weather.


We expect to see a lot more intimate and selective ceremonies in 2021, and not just because the government has put on restrictions on guest numbers. The pandemic has put into perspective how unnecessary huge numbers of guests can be, and has seen many couples opting for smaller weddings featuring no more than 50 guests.