Four Things To Consider When Choosing Your Wedding Venue

Date posted: 01 Feb 2020

At Grafton Manor, we have worked with many couples to build their perfect wedding day, so we're sharing our five things to consider when choosing your wedding venue.

You’ve found the person you want to spend the rest of your life with and now you want to celebrate that love and happiness with your friends and family, but just what wedding is right for you? With so many things to consider and so many options to make your big day all about you, your partner and the love you have for each other, it can get a little overwhelming. At Grafton Manor, we have worked with many couples to build their perfect wedding day, so we’re sharing our five things to consider when choosing your wedding venue.


One of the first things a couple will do is put together a guest list, and commonly over the course of your wedding planning that can either increase or decrease dramatically for a number of reasons. The number of guests will play a huge part on the wedding venue choices you have, so it is ideal to bare that in mind.

Before you start touring or selecting your wedding venue, have a number in mind, and stick to that number. If you fall in love with a space, but realise the maximum number they can accommodate is under that number, you will have to make some difficult decisions: choosing a different venue, or making cuts on that list, both of which can bring a lot of unnecessary stress. You don’t have to have your guest list written out to select a venue, but have a realistic idea of who will be getting an invite.


Choosing a venue that is accessible can make life much easier, and offering your guests a place to stay so they can have a drink without worrying too much is also a considerate effort to make. Transportation. like a coach, is something that would be a good idea to arrange if your wedding is going to be out in the sticks.

Whilst searching for your venue it would be a good idea to ask your venue choices what your guests accommodation options are if there is any at all.


Keeping your guests entertained, whilst feeding and fuelling them with food and drink is a huge element to your wedding and ensuring your venue can cater for that is essential to the successful running of your big day. Your venue should have an element of in house staff to accommodate, but a recommended supplier list should also be provided too.

Whether you’re opting for a formal sit down meal or a more informal setting where guests can help themselves it’s important that your venue choice will cater for your visions, and will happily accommodate outside suppliers coming in to provide the services that you desire. Not only food and drink, but photographers, DJs and other entertainment ideas will need to be run through with your venue to ensure you are both on the same page.


Very early on into your wedding planning you and your partner will likely have an idea of what you want your wedding design theme, decor and details to look like. Again, finding a venue that will be happy to either design or accommodate outsourced designers is important to ensuring that you get the big day you’ve been dreaming of.



"All of you spared no effort to ensure that everything went smoothly, From breakfast in the morning through to the disco at the end of the day. The food was excellent throughout the reception and also our dinner the night before."

Dr and Mrs Oliver